Sodalite Healer

Sodalite Healer

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Infused with Sodalite, Blue Quartz and Clear Quartz crystal chips. 

The healer crystal candle is 1.7kg of crystalised, reiki infused, soy wax goodness. That's the equivalent of 6 of our regular candles. This candle is perfect statement piece as a centrepiece on your dining or coffee table. 

BURN TIME: Approximately 150 hours 

MEASUREMENTS: 18cm across, 9cm high

x1 Candle Care Card
x1 Crystal Meaning and Affirmation Card

MEANING: Sodalite is known as a 'Logic Stone'. It brings truth and clarity whilst also encouraging a rational, logical mind. Paired with Blue Quartz 'Alleviator of fears' and Clear Quartz 'Amplifier of all crystals'. This combination courage and support to any decision making.

AFFIRMATION: "I am true to myself within all my decision making. I attract a logical and rational mind." 

SETTING YOUR INTENTIONS: Light your candle and stare at the flame, sending your intention into the light. When ready, close your candle ritual by repeating the affirmation shown above.

These beautiful crystal infused intention candles are created using high quality lead free wicks, high quality coconut soy wax and 100% concentrated Australian made fragrance oils.