About Us

My husband and I moved over from the United Kingdom in 2012 with our 2 daughters and our son that I was at the time heavily pregnant with. Having no family in Australia has made us have such a close bond with our children especially Nicole (my eldest daughter), who I had at quite a young age. Both loving anything involved with self-care, crystals and spirituality we thought what not better than setting up our very own business that does exactly that! ‘Cleanse your body and renew your soul’. Our first ever idea of doing this business came when I believed I needed a new life venture, with my daughter looking for her own employment at the time she randomly said to me ‘Why not start making candles?’ at first we thought it would just be a side hobby but after buying a random candle making kit we loved how it brought our family together and the creativity that went into it. So we decided to go a step further and set up our own business. After months of testing products and playing around with smells, looks, labels and ideas we have finally developed something we love and are proud of. Nicole and I believe our name ‘Cleanse and Renew’ really resonates with everything we're doing and intend to extend on in the future. We believe all of our products truely can cleanse your body and renew your soul and we hope you can get this experience out of them.

Around a year ago after going through some difficult times, a great friend of mine suggested Nicole and I try using crystals to help us. We had a beautiful local crystal shop near us and the lady there was so helpful on guiding me on what I would benefit from, I instantly fell in love with crystals and how pure and natural they were. Crystals are not only beautiful but they also brought more positivity and harmony to our home and I wanted to be able to bring this positivity into other people’s home. We understand that crystals and spirituality aren’t for everyone so we thought it would be a great idea to add it as a personalization for customers, which we also haven’t seen any other candle making businesses do. Customers are able to build their own unique candle by choosing their favourite scent from our wide range of fragrances, then adding the crystal that thy are drawn to the most or that resonates with a current situation they are going through.

The reiki side of the business came from me having an amazing experience after just my first reiki session. Whilst I was there something clicked and I realised that this was the sort of thing I had been wanting to do and meant to do but had never known what it was until that moment. Looking back to when I was a small child I had always been spiritually tuned and sensitive. My love of helping and the thought of been able to assist people with their healing journey really appealed to me. After completing my level 1 reiki course I knew I wanted to take further and become a practitioner, I thought adding this to our business would be perfect. I am now a qualified level 2 reiki practitioner and a qualified master teacher in magnified healing

We hope you love our products as much as we do and that we can help with bringing that little bit of extra positivity and light into your lives!

- Michelle and Nicole