Citrine and Clear Quartz Crystal Candle
Citrine and Clear Quartz Crystal Candle

Citrine and Clear Quartz Crystal Candle

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Citrine and Clear Quartz crystal candle infused with Yellow Aventurine and Clear Quartz crystal chips and charged with reiki healing energy.

BURN TIME: Approximately 55 hours

x1 Candle Care Card 
x1 Crystal Meaning and Affirmation Card 

MEANING: Citrine crystal is known as the 'happy stone', it brings bright energy, success and joy. Paired with Clear Quartz 'amplifier of all crystals' and Yellow Aventurine 'stone of opportunity', this combination is sure to bring you luck and prosperity.

AFFIRMATION: "I am filled with abundance, happiness and creativity. I attract success, luck and prosperity into my life".

SETTING YOUR INTENTIONS: Light your candle and stare at the flame, sending your intention into the light. When ready, close your candle ritual by repeating the affirmation shown above.

These beautiful crystal infused intention candles are created using high quality lead free wicks, high quality natural coconut soy wax and 100 % concentrated Australian made fragrance oils.


In the unfortunate event of your crystal falling against the wick, extinguish the flame then carefully take the crystal out and recenter the wick. Continue burning as usual.

Some crystals may come loose during transit, this will not effect the quality of the burn.

Products may vary slightly from picture due to availability of the specific crystals and their shape and size.