Natural Incense

Natural Incense

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FREE of any glue, artificial binders, essential oils and artificial fragrances, these incense planks are sustainably and ecologically harvested. The producers employ the traditional way of producing incenses by hand which focus on bringing forth the plant intelligence.

Incense can be used to cleanse your room, office, home, crystals, oracle/tarot cards of any stagnant energy. Simply break a piece off your incense plank and burn in any fireproof dish. 

Just a 1cm piece from the plank will last for 20 minutes meaning you get around 2 1/2 hours burn time out of one stick.

Due to them being handmade and not bonded together with glues they can be fragile we can’t guarantee that they won’t break during transit.


ANCESTRAL VOICES - Australian Oak, Lavender & Hojari Frankincense

ATLAS ROSE - WA Sandalwood & Moroccan Rose

BUSHWALK - West Australian Sandlewood & Marri Tree Resin

DREAMTIME - Balga & Sandalwood

MYSTIC - WA Sandalwood & Agar-wood

OAK - Bridgetown, WA oak

Presence - Sandlewood & Vetiver root

PEACEFUL WARRIORS - WA Sandlewood & Patchouli

PRAYER - Hojari Frankincense & Sandalwood

PURE - WA Sandalwood

REVERENCE - Frankincense, Myrrh & Sandalwood 

RIVER - Ever-changing... This is made with all the leftovers plant materials mixed together